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Good morning everyone,

I am new to the list and I have a problem. My problem is in version. Net,
but I really want to see the vision here in JAVA version.

I was trying to use the BrazilianAnalyzer. I created some fields
"NOT_ANALYZED" (java version "KEYWORD") and a field with the contents as
"analyzed" (java version "TEXT"). My filters are complex and therefore not
possible to use only Queryparse. Need BooleanQuery using and enjoying. With
the parse my query in the field of content works. But with a query like
TermQuery does not work. There comes a hit. I think it's a problem analyzer.
By switching to the analyzer StandardAnalyzer works. I tried all ways to
make it work in my fields BrazilianAnalyzer "analyzed". Are there any
differences in implementation in relation to JAVA version. NET in

If you have any tips or procedimnento I have u perform differently. I
checked upper / lower case and changed the field type. Campde tested this in
isolation and does not work.

Thank you!

Descrição: marcelo-neves