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[VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.5.0 rc2
There were some issues with rc1. Thank you all for having reported them !
Please vote on rc2:

The PyLucene 3.5.0-2 release closely tracking the recent release of
Apache Lucene 3.5.0 is ready.

A release candidate is available from:

A list of changes in this release can be seen at:

PyLucene 3.5.0 is built with JCC 2.12 included in these release artifacts.

A list of Lucene Java changes can be seen at:

Please vote to release these artifacts as PyLucene 3.5.0-1.

Thanks !


ps: the KEYS file for PyLucene release signing is at:

pps: here is my +1
Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.5.0 rc2 [ In reply to ]
My Windows machine is mentioning "ICU not installed".

Shouldn't the Makefile conditionalize the wrapping of,, and
on that?

Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.5.0 rc2 [ In reply to ]
This part of the PyLucene Makefile is still screwed up:

# Mac OS X 10.5 (32-bit Python 2.5, Java 1.5)
#JCC=$(PYTHON) -m jcc --shared

The way that jcc/ is now written, there's no way to invoke it
with "-m jcc", even on Python versions where that's supposed to work.
The last line, "_jcc.CLASSPATH = CLASSPATH" will always fail, because "_jcc"
isn't imported anywhere.