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Question around resources constraints (pacemaker on RHE7.1)

I can't find a way to configure constraints in pacemaker so that with these resources:


with current colocation constraints :
Res2 with Res1
Res3 with Res2

Res4 with Res1
Res5 with Res4

and current order symmetrical constraints :
Res2 after Res1
Res3 after Res2

Res4 after Res1
Res5 after Res4

and migration-threshold=1 on all resources .

What I want it that if I have a failure for example on Res3 is that all the 5 Ressources are migrated.

Is there a solution ?

For example , with an HA LVM configuration and VM resources :

Res2=FS-img-VM1 (where are the VM1 image and .xml) (FS-img-VM1 is on VGA LV)
Res4=FS-img-VM2 (where are the VM2 image and .xml) (FS-img-VM1 is on another VGA LV)

So current constraints are so that VGA is activated before the FS-img is mounted and before the VM is started.

But I want that if the VM1 fails, it can migrate on another node (together with all other 4 resources) but with only the constraints above, the VGA stalls the migration of the VM ...

Is there any solution by constraints configuration ?
Note : we can't use group resources for now, because VMs are remote-nodes.

Alain Moullé
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