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Bringing High Availability to OpenStack Keystone and Glance
Hi folks,

there have been some discussions lately on the topic of OpenStack and High
Availability. To take this discussion one step further, I started to work
on OCF resource agents for Keystone and Glance. They allow administrators
to integrate keystone, glance-registry and glance-api into the Pacemaker
cluster manager. I tested them a lot and they worked just fine in my setup,
so I thought i'd put them up here for discussion.

I wrote a blog post about this which includes the links to the actual files.
You can find it here:

I am keen on hearing your opinion and your feedback on this, so please don't
hestitate to either reply to this email or leave a comment behind in my blog.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz
Principal Consultant
hastexo Professional Services
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