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Just wanted to ask how to contribute some info to the project. I built
a Novell/NetIQ IDM Cluster using the eDir88 OCF script and found an
issue with IDM Monitoring. I have not verified any of my suppositions
with Novell, but it appears there are some constraints around the IDM
Monitoring feature in the script.

The eDir88 scripts use the presence/absence of the vrdim module to
detect when IDM is or is not loaded. One thing I found was that it
does not appear to be enough that you have installed IDM and built a
driver set, but you must have a working driver as well. I installed
IDM and created a driver set, then turned on IDM monitoring and the
eDirectory resource kept failing. It appears that vrdim does not load
until there exists a driver in the driver set. Since the eDirectory
resource kept crashing, I was not able to create one until I
discovered that and turned off IDM Monitoring. Once I built a driver,
I could see that vrdim was being loaded whenever eDirectory was
started. Turning on the IDM monitoring at this point was successful
and the eDirectory resource then worked as planned.

Tim Edmonds
636 578-1342
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