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Unknown Problems with Heartbeat
Hey Guys,

I'm currently going to setup a Linux HA Cluster with apache and MySQL.
I've created three VM with KVM Vitalization. One NetworkManager as DNS
and DHCP Server, and two other as Cluster Nodes. All VMs are both Debian
Squeeze minimal installations. On the Nodes i've installed the packages
heartbeat and pacemaker. The configuration of heartbeat seems like
correct because in the syslog there are no errors and i can read that
the nodes have contact. My first impression of the software packages is,
that heartbeat is only for checking the Nodes of ability. Pacemaker is
for the services which are to manager. I cannot get it on that heartbeat
/ pacemaker (??) use the virtual ip. In both interfaces there is no
eth0:0 with the configurated ip address. Is the virtual ip used by the
primary node only when a service is confiugrated? Have anybody a good
howto for set up a apache and mysql cluster with heartbeat and pacemaker

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