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CFP: HA Mini-Conference in Prague on Oct 25th
Hi all,

thanks to the Linux Foundation, we have a chance to organize a
High-Availability & Clustering mini-conference on Oct 25th in Prague, in
the same venue as the LinuxCon and Kernel Summit.

You can find out more about the exciting venue at:

Since this is low-overhead, we don't have a formal registration website;
on the other hand, it is also free of charge. ;-)

I'd like to invite speakers to present on the following topics:

- High-Availability project cooperation on Linux
- Future plans for your HA & clustering project on Linux
- Discussion of joint roadmaps
- HA & Clustering and the Cloud
- Key projects and case studies that would be informative to the
developer community
- How could the HA & Clustering community be more appealing to users,
administrators, software and hardware partners?

The target audience is the HA & Clustering & Storage community on
Linux. That perhaps means *you*. ;-)

Please include the topic you wish to speak about, the time you need
(allow for discussion), and a short biography. We are pretty flexible
about the format.

Please send your proposal to
(, the mailing
list that we use to coordinate the event.

Attendance is free, but please also do send a mail to the list if you
plan on attending, so that we can keep track of the open spaces.

Please kindly also forward this mail to others who might be interested.

Please do not group reply to this announcement!


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