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Releasing crmsh version 2.3.0
Hello everyone!

I am proud to present crmsh version 2.3.0, the latest stable
release. I would recommend all users to upgrade to 2.3.0 if they

For this release, I would like to begin by highlighting the new
contributors to crmsh since 2.2.0 was released in January:

* Marc A. Smith added the new subcommand "configure load push", which
removes any configuration lines that aren't included in the cib
provided when pushing.

* Andrei Maruha added an optional name parameter to the "corosync
add-node" command, and made the add-node command recycle old node
IDs if possible.

* Kai Kang fixed a build system bug when removing generated docs,
causing issues with parallel make.

* Daniel Hoffend contributed various fixes improving support for
building crmsh for Debian and Ubuntu.

* Pedro Salgado fixed a bug in the graph rendering code in crmsh,
added a tox configuration file to make testing with multiple
versions of Python easy, and updated the Travis CI configuration to
use tox.

* Nate Clark fixed a bug in the parser for fencing hierarchies.

I would also like to thank all the other contributors, testers and
users who have helped in making this release as stable and reliable as

Some of the other major features in 2.3.0 include:

* Support for the new event-based alerts feature in Pacemaker 1.1.15

* Greatly improved timezone handling in crm report and the history

* Improvements to the cluster scripts / wizards, as well as new
wizards for LVM on DRBD, and NFS on LVM and DRBD and VMware/vCenter

* Better support for fencing remote nodes

The source code can be downloaded from Github:


Packages for several popular Linux distributions can be downloaded
From the Stable repository at the OBS:


Archives of the tagged release:


For the full list of changes since version 2.3.0, see the ChangeLog,
available at:


As usual, a huge thank you to all contributors and users of crmsh!


// Kristoffer Grönlund