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Looking for a few good queries ;-)

If anyone would like to try their hand at it, there are a few Cypher
queries I'd like to have written...

They relate to dependencies...

1. Compute the set of all services which depend directly or indirectly
upon the given starting service
2. Same as #1 - but with a server as a starting place
3. Compute the set of all services upon which the given starting
service depends (inverse of #1)
4. Same as #3 - but with a server as a starting place

And it would be nice if there we could have another 4 queries but which
delivered servers as output instead of services :-D

These are likely to be pretty complex Cypher queries...

One could even imagine versions of these 4 (or 8) queries where there
was an input that said follow no more than "n" levels of indirection -
or you could just write them that way in the first place...

By the way, I suspect the outputs of these queries probably ought to be
paths... At least that's what comes to my mind...

The reasons why I think this is valuable is for the GUI. This is
exactly what we need for displaying a group of related servers/services
in the GUI...

-- Alan Robertson