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mysql-proxy ra update
Please pull the latest and greatest mysql-proxy ra [1]

Besides some bugfixing, the main highlights are
* in-depth monitoring using SELECT for OCF_CHECK_LEVEL 20
(copied from mysql RA, thanks!)
* 'plugins' parameter, a whitespace separated list of plugins to load
* admin plugin auto loading (mainly for backwards compatibility)
* some additional error checking
* OCFT test case for mysql-proxy

This agent has been in use over the last couple of weeks in our web
cluster environment running
* Debian Squeeze
* pacemaker 1.1.7-1~bpo60+1 (Kudos to Martin!)
* mysql-proxy 0.8.1 (custom build)
* mysql-proxy RA with in-depth monitoring enabled

(I still have to switch other customers running other versions of
mysql-proxy to use the new RA)

Of course, feedback and bug reports are always welcome!

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