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DHCPD Review, phase 2
Hi Everyone,

I've just pushed the changes to the DHCPD resource agent to my
repository, that makes the following changes:

- Removes the required part of the chrooted_path variable.
- Adds a default entry "/var/lib/dhcp" as a reasonable value to the
chrooted_path variable.

The agent has been able to recover itself under all tests I have thrown
at it so far, except for one corner that should be extremely rare.

The corner case is as follows (non-clustered):

"A DHCP server process is live, the network interface is live, but no
DHCP requests are being responded to, even though the server is fully
responsive in all other aspects."

I have only ever run into this issue once in 10 years of running DHCP
servers under different platforms, and as such have not been able to
reproduce it. Otherwise, I am happy with the agent itself, it has been
running almost 2 months now with out any hiccups on a cluster I have,
and has successfully failed over to secondary nodes on each occasion it
has needed to do so.

I believe it is time to open the floor up for additional testing and review.
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