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Heartbeat 0.4.7c now on web site

We've put a version 0.4.7c of heartbeat up on the web. It has many new

Most prominent among them is probably "nice_failback" from lclaudio.
However, there are *many* other minor and major changes which have gone
into it. Read the ChangeLog...

+ Made the order of resource takeover more rational: Takeover is now
left-to-right, and giveup is right-to-left
+ Changed the default port number to our official IANA port number
+ Regularized more messages, eliminated some redundant ones.
+ Print the version of heartbeat when starting.
+ Hosts now have 3 statuses {down, up, active} active means that it
that all its links are operational, and it's safe to send
+ Significant revisions to nice_failback (mainly due to lclaudio)
+ More SuSE-compatibility. Thanks to Friedrich Lobenstock
+ Tidied up logging so it can be to files, to syslog or both (Horms)
+ Tidied up build process (Horms)
+ Updated ldirectord to produce and install a man page and be
compatible with the fwmark options to The Linux Virtual Server
+ Added log rotation for ldirectord and heartbeat using logrotate
if it is installed
+ Added Audible Alarm resource by Kirk Lawson <>
and myself (Horms)
+ Added init script for ldirectord so it can be run independently
of heartbeat (Horms)
+ Added sample config file for ldirectord (Horms)
+ An empty /etc/ha.d/conf/ is now part of the rpm distribution
as this is where ldirectord's configuration belongs (Horms)
+ Minor startup script tweaks. Hopefully, we should be able to make
files should we crash in the future. Thanks to Holger Kiehl for
the problem!
+ Fixed a bug which kept the "logfile" option from ever working.
+ Added a TestCluster test utility. Pretty primitive so far...
+ Fixed the serial locking code so that it unlocks when it shuts down.
+ Lock heartbeat into memory, and raise our priority

This also incorporates the brand new version of ldirectord from Jacob

The nice_failback code has been very extensively tested - more so than
any previous version of heartbeat. It was tested with the new
TestCluster tool.

SO... It includes lots of new fixes... Lots of new features!

Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Now, on to the API...

I'm aiming for a 0.5 release which is in really good shape, including
the API.

-- Alan Robertson