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[PATCH V3 0/9] perf: Intel uncore pmu counting support
Hi, all

Here is the V3 patches to add uncore counting support for Nehalem,
Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-EP, applied on top of current tip.
The code is based on Lin Ming's old patches.

For Nehalem and Sandy Bridge-EP, A few general events are exported
under directory:

Each file in the events directory defines an event. The content is

You can use 'perf stat' to access to the uncore pmu. For example:
perf stat -a -C 0 -e 'uncore_imc0/CAS_COUNT_RD/' sleep 1

Any comment is appreciated.
Thank you
Changes since v1:
- Modify perf tool to parse events from sysfs
- A few minor code cleanup

Changes since v2:
- Place all events for a particular socket onto a single cpu
- Make the events parser in perf tool reentrantable
- A few code cleanup

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