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Can't call method "term_vector"
Hi All

I'm using KinoSearch-0.20_051.

Does anyone know if this has already been resolved?


Can't call method "term_vector" on unblessed reference at
line 226, <GEN2 line 1.

After disabling the code

#$highlighter = KinoSearch::Highlight::Highlighter-new;
#$highlighter-add_spec(field = 'bodytext');
#$hits-create_excerpts(highlighter = $highlighter);

I find myself being unable to access


although the rest,

my $score = sprintf("%0.3f", $hit-{score});
my $date = $hit-{date};
my $time = $hit-{time};
my $site = $hit-{site};

works 100%

Could anyone assist on this?


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