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Audio problem (bilingual audio)
I'm having trouble separating two audio languages.

I am trying to get English audio from CNN Japan (NTSC-M-J;
japan-cable; 62; 457.25MHz).

The settings on a usual Japanese television are lang1(left)
lang2(right) and bilingual(stereo). On televisions equipped with
stereo speakers, lang1 will play the left channel in mono through both
speakers and lang2 will play the right channel in mono through both
speakers while bilingual will play each channel on it's appropriate
side simultaneously. On televisions equipped with a single speaker
each setting is played in mono through the single speaker (bilingual
becomes utter confusion this way).

ivtv has corresponding settings and several other possibly relevant
controls are available on my card, but they are not documented. I've
been through dozens of combinations of settings, but the audio remains
the same. I hear the Japanese voiceover loudly and the English quietly
through both channels. It sounds as though I am receiving one mono
audio channel.

I have attached three files, the output of lsmod and lspci -v as well
as the list of controls for my card.

The card is an IO-DATA GV-MVP/RX which I bought in Japan. Specs

Oita, Japan