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[ANN] Released ivtv-0.10.6, ivtv-1.0.3 and xf86-video-ivtv-1.0.0 (aka the new xdriver)
Hi all,

As promised I've released a new set of drivers. You can get it all

The most important releases are ivtv-0.10.6 which should fix the DMA
timeouts and has a lot of other fixes as well, and the new
xf86-video-ivtv modular X11 driver for the PVR-350 (previously known as

Check out the ChangeLog links in the News sections for all the changes.

Some important notes: for ivtv-1.0.3 the name of the framebuffer driver
changed from ivtv-fb to ivtvfb. Make sure to remove the old ivtv-fb.ko
module and to load the new one. The name was changed to reflect the
proper framebuffer naming conventions in the linux kernel (it will be
part of the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel).

If you want to use the xf86-video-ivtv driver for your PVR-350 then you
should first read the README included with the package. There are a
whole bunch of tricky compatibility issues, especially in combination
with MythTV. If you want to make it easy on yourself, then go with
kernel 2.6.23 (or wait for the next 2.6.22 stable release), ivtv-1.0.3
or up and MythTV from the MythTV subversion repository. That
combination will work best.



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