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RE: [nf-failover] conntrack and conntrackd

I observed that when creating conntrack record using conntrack tool, no
event is catched (using conntrack -E). That might be reason why the
record is not in conntrackd's cache. Is that true? If yes, does anybody
know why creating the record this way doesn't fire the event?


Michal Filka

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> Subject: [nf-failover] conntrack and conntrackd
> Hi,
> I've problem when using conntrack and conntrackd.
> I tried to create a record using conntrack. But, I didn't see the
> in conntrackd cache neither on MASTER even BACKUP. However, I can see
> the record in conntrack (conntrack -L)
> Does it meen that conntrackd isn't able to synchronize manually
> conntrack records?
> Michal Filka
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