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[ANNOUNCE] ulogd 2.0.0 release

The Netfilter project proudly presents:

ulogd 2.0.0

ulogd is a userspace logging daemon for netfilter/iptables related
logging. This includes per-packet logging of security violations,
per-packet logging for accounting, per-flow logging and flexible
user-defined accounting.

ulogd was almost entirely written by Harald Welte, with contributions
from fellow hackers such as Pablo Neira Ayuso, Eric Leblond and Pierre

ulogd-2.x requires several libraries:

* libnfnetlink that provides basic communication infrastructure via

* libmnl that provides basic communication infrastructure via
Netlink, this library will supersede libnfnetlink. Still, we require
both libraries as we are still in transition to entirely replace
libnfnetlink by libmnl.

* libnetfilter_log for stateless packet-based logging via nfnetlink_queue.

* libnetfilter_conntrack for stateful flow-based via nf_conntrack_netlink.

* libnetfilter_acct for flexible traffic accounting via nfnetlink_acct
and iptables nfacct match (it requires Linux kernel >= 3.3.x).

This requires a Linux kernel >= 2.6.14, but Linux kernel >= 2.6.18 is
strongly recommended. Note that if you need SQL database output
suport, you will need the header files of the respective libraries.

Main features are:

* Packet and flow-based traffic accounting
* Flexible user-defined traffic accounting via nfacct infrastructure
* SQL database back-end support: SQLite3, MySQL and PostgreSQL
* Text-based output formats: CSV, XML, Netfilter's LOG, Netfilter's

This releases supersedes 1.x series. Please, upgrade to 2.x series!

See ChangeLog that comes attached to this email for more details.

You can download it from:

Have fun!