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[ANNOUNCE] Netfilter releases: iptables 1.4.13, nfacct 1.0.0 and libnetfilter_acct 1.0.0

The Netfilter project proudly presents:

iptables 1.4.13
nfacct 1.0.0
libnetfilter_acct 1.0.0

Changes in iptables include:

* rpfilter support from Florian Westphal.

* IPv6 ECN capable version from Patrick McHardy.

* a couple of fixes for internal libiptc library.

* fix leaking file descriptor to avoid annoying log messsages in SELinux from
Maciej enczykowski.

* nfacct match support by myself.

For nfacct and libnetfilter_acct, this is the initial release. These require
Linux kernel 3.3 or any later.

You can download all these from:

You can also find the changelog to this email for more information.

Have fun!