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[ANNOUNCE] Release conntrack-tools 0.9.4

The netfilter project proudly presents another development release of
the conntrack-tools. The conntrack-tools are:

- The userspace daemon so-called conntrackd that covers the specific
aspects of stateful Linux firewalls to enable high availability
solutions. It can be used as statistics collector of the firewall use as
well. The daemon is highly configurable and easily extensible.

- The command line interface (CLI) conntrack that provides an interface
to add, delete and update flow entries, list current active flows in
plain text/XML, current IPv4 NAT'ed flows, reset counters, and flush the
complete connection tracking table among many other.

You can download it from:

Changelog is attached.

Ab alio expectes alteri quod feceris,
Pablo (on behalf of the Netfilter Project)

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