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Please I would like to know how can I upload the software without having to
use telnet?
What about the setting up without telnet?

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"AROPA" <> writes:

> What about the setting up without telnet?

Running an IC site may be possible (assuming someone else installed it
and created you a catalog) without telnet/ssh; however, it would be
more difficult. If your ISP doesn't provide you with telnet/ssh find
a new one.
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Re: inquiry [ In reply to ]
> Hello,
> I have developed an Access database that I would like to have web
> based, so that my clients can log in anywhere and use the software.
> Is this something interchange can help me with?  Can it be done with
> my existing intuit website?
> Thank you so much,
> Jennifer Rainer
> Rainer Strategic Solutions

Others here are much more knowledgeable than I am, but I'm
knowledgeable enough to know the answer to both questions is
definitely yes if you can edit the code of your existing website.

- Grant

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