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Interchange 4.6.2 now available
We're pleased to announce that Interchange 4.6.2 is now available for
download. This is the most current stable version of Interchange, and we
recommend users upgrade to this version. It is available from our
Developer Resource website at:

Thanks to those who contributed bugfixes and suggestions. We encourage
posts to the interchange-users list and annotations to the online
documentation, both of which are available at the URL above.

The Akopia Team

Changes in this version:

* [loop list=`$Scratch->{ary}`] now accepts a prebuilt array reference to
loop over. Must be in the form returned by $db->query(), i.e. the list
array (of arrays), an optional field hash ref giving the field name to
index pointers, and an optional array ref giving the field names in
order. Thanks to Kaare Rasmussen for the suggestion.

* Fixed bad bug in History, saving mv_credit_card_number in session. Oops.

* Fixed bug in secure/non-secure host comparison, thanks to Murray Gibbins,
Stefan Hornburg, and Hans-Joachim Leidinger.

* Add MV_USERPROFILE to the list of recognized cookies, allowing a
cookie-based admin login. Providing the password is saved in a cookie
(perhaps with no expiration time?) then this will allow multiple-order
entry by running the login process again.

* Fixed up the DisplayErrors auto-response to be localized. Not many people
use this, but trying to localize all error messages.

* Fixed bug in ui_date_widget, generated month name for "Feb 30" which turned
into March.

* Patch supplied by Hans-Joachim Leidinger <> prevents
blank credit card info from being encrypted.

* Fixed bug #106, hang at install time if specified Interchange user ID
doesn't exist.

* Fixed problem in where coordinated search of op=rm would not
match on words only.

* Fixed recent bug that prevented cached DBI connections.

* Fixed a couple of hard-coded mv_metadata references in admin pages
preventing renaming of __UI_META_TABLE__.

* Fix problem with ProductFiles resolution in loops. The Vend::OnlyProducts
setting was confused after the on-the-fly update.

* Convert '[' characters to &#91; in [value-extended] to prevent reparsing
of Interchange tags from user data.

* Fixed problem with fly-list not accepting base parameter as per docs.
Found by Victor Nolton.

* Added Stefan Hornburg's patch for table image background paths.
Set pragma substitute_table_image to enable this.

* Improved makecat error message when problems occur reading config file.

* Made NoAbsolute default to Yes in interchange.cfg, which gives better
default security for newly-built catalogs.

* Various minor HTML corrections. Thanks to Paul <> and

* Fixed in-stock notification problem on flypage.html and stock-alert.html.

* RPM only: Fixed logrotate.d file to prevent cascading log rotation like
error.log.1.gz.1.gz etc. Thanks to Murray Gibbins for diagnosis & fix.