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Interchange 5.7.5 released
The Interchange Development Group is pleased to announce the release of
Interchange 5.7.5, the latest development version of Interchange.

It includes all known bug and security fixes, as well as a few minor new
features. We recommend new development be done with this version, but
experienced Interchange users should deploy it on production servers.

The software and more detailed change logs are available here:

SHA1 hashes of the release files:

9b13cd9609bf0c78c1889d62c7c846339024794b interchange-5.7.5.tar.bz2
97fee507d0a3be132aa7f88b7a31f4c298234449 interchange-5.7.5.tar.gz
befe47d9e947ba0abf1de811d177959196f86d26 interchange-5.7.5.tar.xz

Further information and links to documentation and the user discussion
mailing list are at:

David Christensen
Interchange Development Group

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