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Interchange 5.7.3 released
The Interchange Development Group is pleased to announce the release of
Interchange 5.7.3, the latest development version of Interchange.

It includes all known bug and security fixes, as well as a few minor new
features. We recommend new development be done with this version, but only
experienced Interchange users should deploy it on production servers.

The software and more detailed change logs are available here:

This is the first release available in the new XZ compression format,
which aims to be the successor to bzip2 (and the short-lived lzma format).
Ubuntu 9.10 and Fedora 12 support it, including in GNU tar with the -J
option. It offers a smaller download, but is completely optional as far as
Interchange is concerned.

SHA1 hashes of the release files:

e9cc06fbfc3df5461b729d60906d7abfb94384e3 interchange-5.7.3.tar.bz2
e17e5da92188e435eb1b901554ab90846069309b interchange-5.7.3.tar.gz
4d81c8f3a2e725785897e326e2921f8e16e67552 interchange-5.7.3.tar.xz

Further information and links to documentation and the user discussion
mailing list are at:

Jon Jensen
Interchange Development Group

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