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- Welcome to NabiTel's <> software
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Software Products

Web Robot: also called web spider or web crawler, collects useful web
page informations by navigating world wide web sites.

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<> eMail ID Collector: Collects
email ids publicly opened on various web pages.

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Portal Services
<> Web Portal: Do you have your own
home page and want to broadcast it all over the world ? Register your
home page to NabiTel Portal Now !! (nabi=a butterfly)

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<> Automobiles: Do you want
to sell or buy automobiles ? Cars, trucks, limos, airplanes, ships,....
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<http://www.AllThatComputers.Com> Computers: Do you want to sell
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Food & Restaurants: Are you seeking for a nice place to eat ? Or do you
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Have a nice day. Thank you.