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Chinese translation of GnuPG mini HOWTO, **Big5 version**
hi Mike and all,

I have sent the Chinese translation of the GnuPG Mini Howto (in GB2312
code) to the gnupg-i18n list on 12/12/2001, and probably it's Mike who
put it on the web recently. Thank you for your hard and kind work.

Today I converted these files from GB2312 to Big5, so people who
understand only traditional Chinese fonts could also have access to the
mini howto. I would be glad if you put the Big5 version on the web also,
after you have done a check (I assume you would do so). The file
contents are exactly the same, only the encoding is different.

I also welcome comments about how to change the Big5 version of Chinese
translation due to different wording in Taiwan and Hongkong for same
concept for many technical terms.

Thank you and best wishes,


Rui Liu wrote:
> hi Werner,
> Thanks a lot for the great work all the previous
> people have done to make PGP/GnuPG possible. Here is
> my attempt to make a little contribution, to make
> GnuPG accessible for vast amount of people who
> understand Chinese language. I've attached a tar.gz
> file of the Chinese translation in HTML format and
> GB2312 code of the GnuPG mini HOWTO, from its English
> version.
> I have heard of PGP long time ago, about 1997/1998,
> however, it was not until several months ago that
> I discovered that GnuPG does not have any
> patent/citizenship limitation and is available
> to any one who's interested. After I found out
> that it's a very good and useful tool to guard
> privacy, I made up my mind to help other people
> to know and use it. I translated and typed in the
> Chinese translation, and it's almost done in the
> middle of September 2001, and I was planning to
> dedicate it to the dates Oct. 1 and Oct. 10,
> but I was lazy and didn't do the final
> touch/finetuning then.
> Now I really want to wrap it up before the end
> of the year. So I made some very minor change,
> and with this email a gzip file containing all
> the tranlated HTML pages is attached. I have to give
> Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter credit,
> since not only I used his English version
> as the source of my Chinese translation,
> I also used his HTML layout, and just replaced
> the content.
> Please note that the version I'm sending is
> in GB2312 code, that is, in simplified Chinese
> character, I can do a convert to change the text to
> be Big5 code later.
> I would also like to advise the users of GnuPG
> to take a look at the section "Using GnuPG legally"
> of "The GNU Privacy Handbook":
> Thank you, and please let me know if there's any
> question or comments,
> Rui Liu
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> Name: GnuPG-mini-HOWTO.Chinese.tar.gz
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> Encoding: base64
> Description: GnuPG-mini-HOWTO.Chinese.tar.gz