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icons in gpa and seahorse

the icons included in GPA pale in comparison to stock gtk items.

Seahorse has some much nicer icons for keys. It makes sense to me to
reuse those (checking back with seahorse developers to see if this
would offend them). One goal would be to improve the visual quality
of GPA, but another goal would be to unify the symbols, so users get a
consistent experience.

GPA uses blue and yellow keys to indicate public and private keys.
Seahorse uses a yellow/golden key for public keys, and a mug-shot of
an abstract person emblem to indicate public keys for which the
private key is available (also, seahorse uses a computer for ssh

This symbolism makes a lot of sense to me, and is more distinctive
than the GPA symbols (only color coded information is bad).

Seahorse has also a nice keyring icon (seahorse.svg). I am not sure
if this is also their logo, I would make sure to check back with them
first (but then, isn't their logo a seahorse?).

For the filemanager, we can probably use some gtk stock items. We
already use a simple folder for that, so there is no reason really to
not use a stock item.

Our import and export icons are a joke. They seem to be in reversed
logic (if you take the keyring as reference for the arrow symbol),
too. seahorse has a radiating key as symbol for uploading keys to a
keyserver. However, this is not suitable for file based operations.

seahorse has icons for sign which could replace our sign etc icons,
which could replace our wishy-washy ones. But we need icons for
encrypt/decrypt/verify, too.

A small comparison of available icons can be found at (not a permanent

Comments to the images:

The encrypt icon of seahorse is for the applet. For GPA, I would
suggest a "lock" symbol for encrypt, a lock symbol with the lock open
for decrypt, maybe as emblem over a stock "document" symbol (the
seahorse emblem is over a stock clipboard symbol, which may be useful
for clipboard operations). The sign emblem of seahorse can also be
used over a stock document symbol, but there is no icon in seahorse
for a verify operation. So that is missing.

The import/export symbols of GPA don't have corresponding icons in
seahorse. I made a mockup for "import" and "export" based on stock
"mail import" and "file export" icons included in gnome. I am not
quite happy with them. More thought required here.

GPA does not have icons for keyserver exchanges. Seahorse has an icon
for "share key". But keyservers support sending and receiving keys.
Maybe an arrow could be included in the seahorse symbol to indicate
direction, or the wave could be turned upside down to indicate import.
I made a mockup of that last idea.

I did a similar mockup for delete key. The key could probably be
rotated as well to make it better. There is no icon for edit key in

The keyring icon in seahorse seems appropriate. Although it lacks a
"ring". The GPA keyring doesn't look too bad. One might be able to
improve the seahorse icon to look more like the GPA keyring (rotating
it and adding a ring).

Comments, ideas, volunteers?


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Re: icons in gpa and seahorse [ In reply to ]
On Friday 25 January 2008 15:45, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Comments, ideas, volunteers?

I agree the icons can use a makeover. :)
Nice overview.
Some of the seahorse icons I also do not really like,
so the best would be to have a complete new set.
However it is true we need a graphic person for this.


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Re: icons in gpa and seahorse [ In reply to ]
On Fri, 25 Jan 2008 15:45, said:


[You swapped the encrypt and sign icons of GPA.]

GPA's use of an envelope for encryption is better than the lock symbol.

Seahorse's seal icon for signing is better that the corresponding GPA

The double key symbol for having access to the private key is better
than the association with a person.



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