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dirmngr - unknown critical extensions

I've had problems loading this crl [1]
dirmngr[15543]: unknown critical CRL extension
dirmngr[15543]: crl_cache_insert via DP failed: Invalid CRL
dirmngr[15543]: command ISVALID failed: Invalid CRL

I've modified crlcache.c and it works, but it is only a temporary solution
because I don't know differences between oid (oidstr_crlNumber in
crlcache.c) and [2]

/* Check for unknown critical extensions. */
for (idx=0; !(err=ksba_crl_get_extension (crl, idx, &oid, &critical,
NULL, NULL)); idx++)
if (!critical
|| !strcmp (oid, oidstr_authorityKeyIdentifier)
|| !strcmp (oid, oidstr_crlNumber)
+ || !strcmp (oid, "") )



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