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GPA shows up on a WNT screen

I played a little bit with the current GPA from CVS and managed to
compile it for Windows NT and other W32 systems. I could view some
actions using a remote machine and VNC.

So basically this proofs that Gtk+ is easy to port to W32. Now comes
the hard part of interfacing gpg with gpa on W32.

Here is how I did it:

1. Install the Gtk+ port for W32 and create a bunch of symlinks for
the headers and libs.


$ ../../gpa/configure --enable-maintainer-mode --disable-nls --target=i386--mingw32
$ make
$ cp src/gpa /anonftpdir/gpg.exe
$ cd somewhere; cp `find . -name '*.dll'` /anonftpdir/
$ vncviewer

3. Get the all the dlls and gpa.exe by ftp and have fund watching the
images transfereed to your box.

Stay tuned for more W32 hacking :-/


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