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tiger test vectors unusual?
in tests/basic.c, it looks like the following two test vectors are
displayed for the tiger192 digest:

"\xB1\xBB\x92\x5F\xF3\x73\xDE\x2D\x49\x58\x4E\x7A" },
{ GCRY_MD_TIGER, "abc",
"\xFF\xC5\xB8\xBF\x93\x5F\x7B\x95\x1C\x13\x29\x51" },

however the test vectors i could find on the net don't seem to agree
that these are the correct values:


Set 1, vector# 0:
message="" (empty string)


Set 1, vector# 2:


CPAN's Digest::Tiger contains the same two values in its test suite as
the nessie test vectors, as do the test vectors at:

the test vectors in also agree
with these other implementations (and disagree with gcrypt), as do the
test vectors in

and the wider consensus '' test vector is again corroborated here:

I've yet to find another Tiger implementation with the same test vectors
as gcrypt's test vectors.

Is gcrypt's implementation of Tiger trying to implement a different
algorithm than these other implementations or is there a bug somewhere?
Or have i misunderstood something?