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implementing the internet draft 'ECC in OpenPGP'

I'm preparing a patch to have implemented the elliptic curve encryption is
side the libgcrypt. There are two points that I need to be guide in order to
have the methods in the correct place implemented.

First of all, the encryption schema uses a Key derivation Function (KDF) from
the NIST 'SP800-56A', that could be used in the future in other algorithms.
Then implement it inside the cipher/ecc.c file could be incorrect. Where can
be the correct place?

Second, the algorithm orders to use a aes wrapper from the rfc 3394. Also this
would be used from other places on the library. I don't think the correct
place for it is the rijndael file. Maybe a new file in cipher directory can
be suggested?

Then, I'll write it but if it can be done in the correct final position it
will save time to the main team.



Ps: Oh! future changes on the ecc interface will be necessary to have
interoperability according to the mentioned interned draft.