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SIXNET eNewsletter: October-November 2002 SIXNET eNewsletter
Oct-Nov 2002
&#62;"]Request F R E E CD < Industrial Ethernet and
Data Acquisition Systems
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Product News VersaTRAK IPm: Beyond LINUX The Linux based"]VersaTRAK IPm has been welcomed with a tremendous amount of excitement by the industrial control community because it represents a significant step towards achieving"]truly open systems."]
Model VT-IPM
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In the midst of this excitement it's easy to overlook another VersaTRAK IPm achievement &#8212; it is simply a better RTU! One look at the VersaTRAK IPm's functional"]capabilities shows that it can more than stack up against other RTUs purely in terms of its performance and features. The embedded Linux aspect of VersaTRAK IPm is"]totally transparent to the user. No knowledge of Linux is required &#8212; just use our user-friendly Windows tools to configure this feature-rich RTU!

> Datalogging & timestamping > Stand alone control of remote sites > Limitless multi-user connectivity > Small to large applications >"]Unlimited I/O expansion > Master terminal unit/concentrator >"]UL, CSA, CE, DNV, & Zone 2 rated >"]True open system design Other News A NEW SIXNET CD, which includes details on LINUX IPm products, is now available and it's absolutely F R E E. This CD has all the information and software you need regarding SIXNET's industrial products. ["]Request CD]"]"]Ethernet Switches Industrial grade 3,5,9 port; optional fiber optic; -40 to +85 C temp range; UL 508/CSA/CE rated..."]Industrial Modems Designed for the harshest industrial environments.
-30 to +70 C temp range;
UL 508/CSA/CE rated; DC power; DIN rail or direct..."]Process Quality I/O Flexible, modular high-performance I/O solutions built to withstand harsh industrial conditions.
News Briefs Low Power SiteTRAK SIXNET has a new Low Power version of our"]SiteTRAK Remote Site Manager and RTU that operates on less than 200 milliwatts! SiteTRAK has a built-in industrial modem and is an internet ready RTU, datalogger, and database client all in one unit.

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