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July-August 2002"]Request your FREE CD <

Modular Automation Solutions
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Product News
SIXNET IPm™ LINUX Product Line Now Available! ("]More Info)
SIXNET IPm™ embeds LINUX into robust, industrial controllers to bring new flexibility and power to the plant floor.

With SIXNET's IPm products you can free yourself from the hassle, expense and constraints of proprietary systems by using truly open systems.

Current IPm product applications include the VersaTRAK IPm RTU, SixTRAK IPm DCS Controller, and custom OEM Solutions.

The capabilities of embedded LINUX are “built-in” and transparent to users (so you don’t have to know LINUX to enjoy the benefits of using it). IPm products are a combination of installation-ready industrial hardware and a wealth of software solutions that are ready to use right out of the box.

For OEMs and System Integrators, the open-source software and development tools provide unlimited creative freedom for customization and optimization.

Check out the article"]"Linux: Remain competitive with an open system" in the June issue of ISA InTech magazine for more information on how embedded real-time Linux applications can lower your development costs.

Other New Products:"]Low Power SiteTRAK RTU

Runs on less than 200 milliwatts!"]"] VersaTRAK IPm RTU > Datalogging & timestamping
> Stand alone control of remote sites
> ISaGRAF IEC 61131 programming
> Embedded LINUX firmware
> Limitless multi-user connectivity
> Advanced communications
> True open system design
> Small to large applications
> Unlimited I/O expansion
> Master terminal unit / concentrator
> UL, CSA, CE, DNV, & Zone 2 rated"] SixTRAK IPm DCS Controller > Process control, SCADA, & DCS
> Flexible Open-source LINUX software
> Redundant networks (5 Ethernet ports)
> Internet-enabled - both client & server
> 32-bit PowerPC with power to grow
> Support for 50,000+ distributed I/O
> ISaGRAF IEC 61131-3 programming
> True open system design
> UL, CSA, CE, DNV, & Zone 2 rated"]Product-ready OEM Platforms >Special OEM Services
>Robust Modular controllers
>Pre-integrated Subsystems

Other News
A NEW SIXNET CD, which includes LINUX IPm products, is now available and it's absolutely FREE.
This comprehensive CD has all the information and software you need regarding SIXNET's industrial products."]
Request you FREE CD now!

SIXNET Industrial Product Lines"]Switches, Industrial Modems, Modular I/O, Controllers, Remote Terminal Units, Software

For all the details on SIXNET products, please visit"]

SIXNET +1 518-877-5173

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