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Help with addphoto in single line please
Hi every one, Regards From Mexico.

Im english beginner, so please excuse.

Mi name is Jorge Barriga and Im doing a litle Front End in Java
(purpose:obtain my degree), Of course I release soon as
possible, so eventualy I'll need a domain. for give mi work FREE ;).

Im using GnuPG 1.4.9 version and I need help to
add photo in single line.(without --edit-key menu).
and revoke key in single line to.

I'll been trying some like:

gpg --batch --passphrase xxxx --yes --output /home/urs/file.asc --gen-revoke mail@domain

but it say its imposible in this way.
"Imposible hacer esto en modo de proceso por lotes"

I'll been trying using the batch mode without successful.

Somebody knows how?

Thanks for reading.