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Seahorse 0.3.4 Release

I would like to announce the release of Seahorse 0.3.4, a Gnome GUI
for GnuPG.

The main changes in this release are :

* An GTK text widget has been added to the main window and encrypted
/ decrypted output is directed here. The contents of this widget
can be edited, selected, cleared and the current selection can be
pasted into it. It is not a complete text editor, but it offers
some basic operations which may be useful for making small changes
to text before encrypting.

* Seahorse can now detect whether the gnupg directory exists and
will start a "druid" (the Gnome equivalent of a Windows wizard)
to help the user generate a key if the directory isn't found.

* A patch to enable the GnuPG interface to handle passphrases and
clipboard strings of arbitrary length has been added.

* A patch to make the rpm spec file more portable and flexible has
been added.

* More functions have been added to the Key Manager and the
interface has been improved.

* Proxy support can now be enabled or disabled. (the http_proxy
environment variable must be set if the proxy is enabled)

Tarballs, debian packages and rpms can be downloaded from

I would like to hear any comments or suggestions which you might have.



Anthony Mulcahy <> GPG Key ID 61CA8871