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Regarding my own toolchain building script
Hello folks,

As I want to start playing with my m68k-nommu coldfire board, first of all,
I want to build a toolchain **manually**. This is a learning experience,
so there is no point on doing it painless.
(No pain, no gain, right? or sort of, since it's kind-a-fun to me).

Currently, I'm looking into cross-lfs but I have a few questions:

1. About "target" setting:

Exactly what do you have to put in ${TARGET}?
Some day I'd like to play with arm or mips. So, generically speaking...
What does "arm-unknown-linux-uclibc" means?
Do I have to specify "arm-unknown-linux-uclibc" even for building binutils?
How about m68k? Do I have to specify "m68k" or "m68knommu"?

2. About kernel headers:

Why do I have to install linux headers?
Why is it possible to use "old" headers, if I'm going to use latest kernel?

3. If anyone has scripts or something to share with me, more than
welcome they are.
(I plan to read crossdev later, first I must do some manual research.)

I'm asking here on gentoo, since I think you guys know so much about
almost everything :-)