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Sane default tripwire policy file
I spent several hours yesterday and today fleshing out a proper default policy
file for Gentoo. Now we don't have use the crappy Redhat version from 2002
that ships with tripwire. I have made it more 'gentooesque' by arranging the
files/rules based on the package that installs them rather than their
function. Now a Gentoo system admin can simply comment out an entire block of
rules for packages that are not installed. I hope it works well for people,
and maybe after a bit of tweaking by a dev we can get it bundled with the
tripwire install.

I posted it (along with more explanation) over at gentoo bugzilla[1]. I plan
to improve it even more, and add rules for commonly installed apps such as
Apache, MySql, Bind, PHP, syslog-ng, vixie-cron and so on. I will post all my
revisions on my personal site[2].


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