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emerge linux-wlan-ng problem on ppc
I am done installing gentoo now. I had to install Ubuntu on another
partition and install gentoo one step at a time over a couple of weeks.
iBook 366, and can't boot from CDRs.

I figured out how to tell emerge to build linux-wlan-ng against warnings
export ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='~ppc'
Then here is what happens:
trix boot # emerge linux-wlan-ng
Calculating dependencies ...done!
>>> emerge (1 of 1) net-wireless/linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23 to /
>>> md5 files ;-) linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23.ebuild
>>> md5 files ;-) linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre20.ebuild
>>> md5 files ;-) linux-wlan-ng-0.2.0-r3.ebuild
>>> md5 files ;-) ChangeLog
>>> md5 files ;-) metadata.xml
>>> md5 files ;-) files/digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre20
>>> md5 files ;-) files/digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23
>>> md5 files ;-) files/digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.2.0-r3
>>> md5 files ;-) files/linux-wlan-2.6.10-fix.diff
>>> md5 src_uri ;-) linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1pre23.tar.bz2
>>> md5 src_uri ;-) linux-wlan-ng-gentoo-init.gz
* Determining the location of the kernel source code
* Found kernel source directory:
* /usr/src/linux
* Found sources for kernel version:
* 2.6.10-gentoo-r6
>>> Unpacking source...
>>> Unpacking linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1pre23.tar.bz2 to /var/tmp/portage/linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23/work
>>> Unpacking linux-wlan-ng-gentoo-init.gz to /var/tmp/portage/linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23/work
* Applying linux-wlan-2.6.10-fix.diff ...
[ ok ]>>> Source unpacked.

-------------- Linux WLAN Configuration Script -------------

The default responses are correct for most users.

Build Prism2.x PCMCIA Card Services (_cs) driver? (y/n) [n]
Build Prism2 PLX9052 based PCI (_plx) adapter driver? (y/n) [n]
Build Prism2.5 native PCI (_pci) driver? (y/n) [y]
Build Prism2.5 USB (_usb) driver? (y/n) [n]

Linux source directory [/lib/modules/2.6.10-5-powerpc/build]
Linux source tree /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-powerpc/build is incomplete or
See the HOWTO for a list of FTP sites for current kernel sources.

Configuration failed

make: *** [default_config] Error 1

!!! ERROR: wireless/linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1_pre23 failed.
!!! Function src_compile, Line 95, Exitcode 2
!!! failed configuring WLAN
!!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, NOT this status
trix boot #

Any ideas?
Ubuntu has linux-wlan-ng in apt, and I actually used my Prism device to
install gentoo on the other partition.

Any help appreciated. I'm almost there!



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