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Re: [gentoo-core] PPC Team Meeting, Sun 2004-12-19, 20 UTC
I would like to apologize for my absence at the meeting :/

I couldn't attend because of a very busy week where I work too much, and
my family visiting me unexpectedly :(

Don't blame me too hard, even if I could have warned.

regards, dams

Lars Weiler wrote:

>Hi all,
>I would like to invite all ppc-devs and devs who own a ppc
>to our quarterly team meeting on Sunday, December 19 at 20
>UTC in irc://
>Topics are (so far):
>1. Review of the 2004.3 release
>2. The 2005.0 release and the release engineer
>3. OldWorld support
>4. Development on the PegasosPPC
>If you have further topics, please let me know.
>Regards, Lars


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