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SGI Octane2 hardware for donation

I'm interested in donating hardware to the Gentoo-MIPS project; specifically
a VPro/Odyssey V12 (128Mb) graphics board. Is there any demand at all for this?
I mean, what hardware do the MIPS people currently have access to?

The purpose of this is to (hopefully) try to speed up development of a
3D-accelerated Xorg driver for these cards. I know Stanislaw Skowronek
(aka. ``skylark'') is the IP30 port maintainer, and he did the console driver
for the VPro, but I wanted to check if there are others involved as well, as he
hasn't shown an interest in getting extra hw.

btw., I've also got a complete Octane2 (400Mhz R12k) system that I could give to
an interested developer -- however, the reason for advertising mainly a
graphics board is due to the (significant) cost (and risk) of shipping an
entire system -- as it's centrally located on the western coast of Norway. ;-)
Obviously, I could just ship the system module itself; for those who already
have an Octane1 (Octane2's have an improved PSU also, but that shouldn't present
a problem, I think.)

Anyway, let me know if there is any real interest for this.

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