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On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 20:32, Stephen P. Becker wrote:
> Andrew Finley wrote:
> > Thanks Steve,
> > Ok, should this kernel go in the volume header then use arcboot? If I
> > wanted to build a proper kernel, can I still use the kernel that comes from
> > emerge-source (if so what build options should be used)?
> > -andy
> >
> Arcboot loads from the volume header, but it doesn't boot kernels out of
> a volume header at all. Rather, it boots them from an ext2/ext3
> partition. So, you would put arcboot in the volume header, and then the
> kernel on and ext3 or ext3 partition, set up the config file, and then
> just do "boot -f arcboot" from the prom to get going. If you happened
> to do something silly like make your entire filesystem reiserfs or xfs,
> then you are out of luck with respect to arcboot.
> As for building your own ip32 kernel, you have to use 2.6 sources, which
> you will have to unmask yourself. You can run "make ip32_defconfig"
> inside the source tree, which will give you a base config to work from.
> You can then enter menuconfig and tweak to your liking. Or, you could
> get my config from /proc/config.gz when/if you are able to boot my
> kernel, and then tweak that. In any case, you can't use the native
> system compiler, since the kernel must be 64-bit. You will either have
> to emerge gcc-mips64 (after making sure you are using the proper
> cascaded profile), or build a mips64 cross-compiler on another machine.
> Steve
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