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2.6.9-r4 marked unstable (~mips)
For those users running unstable (ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~mips"), I've marked
mips-sources-2.6.9-r4 as unstable. Those running Indy/Indigo2-class systems,
be wary, as this specific kernel version didn't stay up too long for me on my
Indy, but that was a bootcd kernel, and it probably had bugs. If IP22 users
get it to run for several days, then it's probably just my end.

IP32, IP30, and Cobalt users should have no problems running this kernel.
IP30 (Octane) users need to include "ip30" in their USE flags in order for the
ebuild to apply the Octane patch. Cobalt users will need to include "cobalt"
in their USE as well, but the Cobalt profiles should do this already. When in
doubt, check your `emerge info` output and see what USE flags are set.

This specific revision also includes several security fixes, including the new
CAN-2004-0883 (smbfs bug) fix, and a fix for a mips-specific ptrace vuln.

Users running stable setups probably don't want to play with this kernel
unless they know what they are doing. </disclaimer>

Questions, comments, flames, and ice cubes welcome as replies to this message
or on IRC in #gentoo-mips.


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