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[WANTED]: Cobalt-Mips Dev
Wanted for the Gentoo/MIPS Team:
An active person interested in assisting the Gentoo/MIPS Team in the following
areas: cobalt-mips

Individual will be responsible for maintaining cobalt-mips support (denoted as
a sub-project of the Gentoo/MIPS project). Duties will include making sure
various system packages work with the hardware (which is little endian,
different from the big endian SGI systems), maintaining the colo bootloader
and associated boot scripts, working with the documentation lead for
cobalt-specific documentation, and working with the general Gentoo/MIPS Team
on package stability and other various issues.

Individual will, at minimum, need to own and operate a Cobalt Microserver
system, preferably a RaQ2 (any variety), or Qube2, or RaQ1. Qube1 systems are
not known to work very well with linux (and require special modifications to
enable the serial port). Ownership of SGI systems capable of running linux is
a plus. Individual will also need to run Gentoo on said Cobalt system(s).

All interested parties please email listing what Cobalt
machine they own/operate (as well as any additional machines), a summary
stating your skills and abilities, and how those can be applied to this area
of the Gentoo/MIPS team.


"Such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small
hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere."

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