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[WANTED]: Documentation Dev
Wanted for Gentoo/MIPS Team:
An active person interested in assisting the Gentoo/MIPS Team in the following
area(s): Documentation.

Individual will be responsible for maintaining the installation documentation
and other documentation errata for the Gentoo/MIPS project. Individual does
not need to possess all types of MIPS hardware, however, at minimum,
individual must possess atleast one SGI MIPS system running Gentoo Linux.
Preferred system is Indy, Indigo2, or O2 for now. Ownership of a Cobalt MIPS
system is optional, but a plus. Individual will also need to possess
excellent English grammar and spelling skills, as the default language of a
majority of documentation will be in English. Knowledge of additional
languages and ability to compose documentation in them is a plus.

Individual will receive advice, feedback, and instruction for maintainence of
the installation documentation from the Gentoo/MIPS team, other Gentoo
developers, the Gentoo Documentation team, and from Gentoo/MIPS users.
Individual should proactively seek to summarize and incorporate this
information into the installation manual as time and ability permits so that a
modern, up-to-date installation manual is available for users. Individual
will also work with the Gentoo Documentation team to make sure correct XML
syntax is used in the installation manual and other errata, and will be
responsible for maintaining the relevant MIPS sections of the Gentoo Handbook.

All interested parties please email listing their relevant
experience, type of MIPS machine owned, small summary stating why they use
Gentoo, and a method to demonstrate an ability to write functional
documentation for the purposes of this project.


"Such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small
hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere."

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