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gah, trying again....(was mips/sgi o2 question)
Sorry if you received this twice, but I forgot my gentoo email address
isn't on the gentoo-mips mailing here we go again:

Getting X to run on an O2 is a bit tricky. Not only do you need to
apply some kernel patches, but you have to get the xorg.conf just right.

As for xorg.conf, I have posted mine at for anyone to use as a starting
point. It should work pretty much out of the box for most O2 users. It
uses the generic fbdev driver, as the gbefb chip in O2 systems does not
currently have a specific X driver. The fbdev driver is certainly no
speed demon, but it is usable (I'm even running kde 3.3 right now
believe it or not). Note that the 15bpp color depth is not a mistake.
If you try to use 16bpp, the colors will be all screwed up. Also note
that it will run at whatever resolution your framebuffer console is
currently set to.

If you want really want to get xorg up and running right away, you can
always use my latest kernel (which is also suitable for a nfsroot gentoo
install should anyone so desire):

This kernel has gbefb support with 4mb video memory, and also mouse
support. If you are one of the build-your-own types (good for you), you
will need to check out cvs get a few patches:

The first patch is iluxa's minimum patchset for O2, most of which may
not even apply anymore. Just tell patch to not apply any hunk that
seems like it is reversed, as that fix is alread in cvs. The second
patch gives gbefb mmap access, which is required if you don't want to
have a black screen when X starts. The third patch is hack to force
mouse detection. PS/2 mouse is universally broken in the 2.6 linux-mips
tree otherwise.

That should get things up and going. If anyone has more questions, let
me know. Remember most of us can be found on #gentoo-mips on freenode
to talk to also.


>We have talked a few times about an SGI o2 install. I was wondering if
>you know anything about X servers running on o2. I have found a few
>places on the net that show screenshots of X running on the o2, but i
>cannot get to launch. I believe the problem to be lack of the
>proper module/driver, as I get "No Screens Found. Module (vga) does
>not exist." Should I be using the vga module, or is there a seperate
>sgi o2 video module I should be using? Thanks again for your time.

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Whoops, that should have been .bz2 instead of .tbz2.


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