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MIPS32 little-endian softloat Gentoo snapshot

I've uploaded a new snapshot of my MIPS32 little-endian softfloat
Gentoo installation,
suitable for all MIPS32 processors with MMU (sorry PIC32) and without FPU.
It takes 3.3 GB space, the optional debug symbols another 3.0 GB.
Drop in a portage tree,
and it can rebuild itself on the target.

Highlights include:
- based on portage 20120622
- very latest builds of gcc-4.7.1, glibc-2.15-r2 and binutils-2.22-r1
-, Xfce4, LxDE, and a few window managers and games
- qt-4.8.2, gtk+-2,3

Tarball here [1], debug symbols if required here [2].

Happy hacking,
Manuel Lauss

(532 MB)
(8.5 MB)
(478 MB)
(242 kB)