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MIPS32 rootfs

I have made a new snapshot of my little-endian MIPS32 Gentoo filesystem.

- O32 ABI,  tuple is mipsel-softfloat-linux-gnu-
- for FPU-less little-endian MIPS32-compatible cores running Linux.
- C(XX)FLAGS used are "-O2 -mips32 -msoft-float -mllsc -ggdb"

- based on portage 2011-01-15, not included in tarball.
- binutils-2.21, gcc-4.5.2 (4.4.5), glibc-2.12.2 (w. glibc-ports git
from 2011-01-15)
- includes Xorg, Xfce and LXDE.

It's around 2.5GB unpacked, with an additional 1GB for the debugging symbols.

List of files can be found at [1], the xz-compressed tarball is at [2],
if desired, debugging symbols can be found at [3] and [4].

A tarball with portage-generated individual packages can be found at [6]
list of packages at [5].

Happy hacking,
   Manuel Lauss

  (~ 530MB)