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MIPS4/Big-endian/N32 Stage3 available for testing
I've finished MIPS4/Big-endian/N32 stages and the stage3 tarball is
available on my dev space [1]. Being MIPS4, it's compatible with most
SGI machines that Linux supports.

I'd really appreciate some testing and feedback so I can know what to
fix. It contains a very modern toolchain (gcc-4.5.1, glibc-2.11.2-r3,
binutils-2.20.1-r1) and should give you a good base system. Since it
uses the N32 ABI, it should be a bit faster too. :)

We don't have any modern netboot or CD images to allow you to boot
easily, so if you use something from /experimental/mips/, then your
first priority should be to get a bootloader and kernel compiled so
the system can be self-hosting.

So, go test!

(Also, I'm also making MIPS3/Big-endian/N32 stages for SGI systems
like R4k Indy and Indigo2. Little-endian stages are on the TODO list.)