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On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 01:56:25PM +0100, maciej_golas wrote:
> I have 2 K-Class HP servers (K360 and K380). On both machines I try to
> Install gentoo 2006.1. The booting process goes fine, but I cannot find/configure
> a network device.
> I tried to:
> # modoprobe tulip, e100, e1000 ... etc
> nothing, device eth0 isn't created.
I don't know the K360 or K380, but I have a K200 that has the same
problem. I believe the module you want is LASI_82596, but last I checked
it was broken on the 2006.1 media. I know the team was working on a media
refresh with a newer kernel that should fix the lasi problem.

You can try "modprobe lasi-82596" and check dmesg output. If it
complains about "driver claims to have debug option but does not", you
will have to resort to an older install disc, like 2006.0.

The lasi port should be the 10MB port on the main I/O card. If you have
add-on network cards, I don't believe they are supported. At least the
tulip based 10/100 card I have in the K200 is not supported. The driver
loads and the system sees eth1 and eth2, but neither can communicate on
the network.

> When i execute:
> #lspci
> nothing is shown as if there wasn't any pci device (maybe this is ok, I
> don't know).
Again, I don't know the K3XX, but the K200 does not have PCI, so lspci
will not generate any output. After booting, check the dmesg output
"dmesg | less" and page through that. It should list the hardware it
found durning the boot process.
> When I try to boot any of the machines from network by invoking:
> > bo lan.0
> I've got error no -7 (no device found or something like that).
> Bu I'm pretty sure I've NIC board installed in the machine, the board is
> described : A3495-60301 HP-PB 10/100Base-TX
I'm not sure about the above syntax. I use "bo lan" and my K200 and D360
and it works fine. I just use that for upgrading the fireware though.
All my machines have multiple network cards, but I have only used the
network card on the main I/O card for booting.

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Re: [ In reply to ]
The solution to modify lasi_82596.ko binary file works great.
Thank you very much.
By the way. Could somebody share with me the 2.6.x kernel config file for machines K360/K380?

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