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I have 2 K-Class HP servers (K360 and K380). On both machines I try to
Install gentoo 2006.1. The booting process goes fine, but I cannot find/configure
a network device.
I tried to:
# modoprobe tulip, e100, e1000 ... etc
nothing, device eth0 isn't created.
When i execute:
nothing is shown as if there wasn't any pci device (maybe this is ok, I
don't know).

When I try to boot any of the machines from network by invoking:
> bo lan.0
I've got error no -7 (no device found or something like that).
Bu I'm pretty sure I've NIC board installed in the machine, the board is
described : A3495-60301 HP-PB 10/100Base-TX

Could you help me to solv my problem?

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